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April 10, 2018

Addiko Serbia on boarded to hosted 3D secure platform and proved truly multitenant Asseco SEE ACS SaaS platform!

Only a few months after Addiko Bank Croatia has started to use Asseco SEE 3-D Secure ACS hosting service, Addiko Serbia was on-boarded to ACS hosting service as a new financial institution. Transparently, with user experience uniformed across Addico Group, clients of Addiko Serbia will be protected against online fraud by authentication with PIN and SMS One Time Password during payment at worldwide web shops.

Asseco SEE is approved by MasterCard[1] and VISA[2]as a SecureCode and VerifiedByVISA compliant ACS service provider. As a roadmap toward 3D Secure 2.0 which is scheduled for year 2019, MasterCard introduced new 3D Secure program called MasterCard IdentityCheck. It utilizes strong authentication requirements of PSD2 regulative, but also improve end user experience by deploying risk assessment and frictionless authentication.

As part of onboarding process, Addiko Serbia successfully passed MasterCard Identity Check certification as a first financial institution in Asseco SEE ACS hosting environment. This proves functionally and technologically advance of TriDES product on which is built ACS hosting service. Without any software upgrades, TriDES ACS fulfilled MC IdentityCheck strong two factor authentication as well as the other technical and process related requirements.

Nevertheless, onboarding of Addiko Serbia to Asseco SEE hosting ACS platform proved in real life another architectural feature - multitenancy. TriDES ACS is built up as a multitenant solution which can serve multiple financial institution on same instances considering all security, data confidentiality, user access rights and administration requirements. By onboarding Addiko Serbia as secnd bank on ACS hosting platform, this has been proved in real life.

By using Asseco SEE ACS hosting service instead of in-house implementation, issuing institutions minimize time to market, reduce investment and operational costs for 3D secure compliance, and at the same time provide their customers with ultimate fraud protection during online payment. The quality of our ACS hosting service is additionally proven by the fact that there is a pipeline of 20+ issuer institutions which recognized our hosting benefits and will be onboarded to the Asseco SEE ACS hosting service within H1/2018.

If you have any questions regarding our 3D Secure products or hosting services, or you need advice or support related to 3D Secure online fraud protection for your customers, please feel free to contact your regional expert at [email protected] or download the datasheet.

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