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April 3, 2019

Asseco SEE Offers Turnkey 3D Secure Solution for Issuing Banks with Trides2 ACS and InACT

Frictionless user experience with supreme protection in one go

Asseco SEE created a flexible turnkey 3D Secure 2 solution for issuing banks, consisting of two proven Asseco SEE products – TriDES2 ACS and InACT.

In order to improve user experience and to reduce online purchase transaction abandonment, 3D Secure 2.0 protocol introduced a frictionless transaction flow in securing online payment transactions. It is based on Transaction Risk Analysis which assumes that fraud risk has been assessed in real time for each online payment transaction. Following the PSD2 requirements, 3D Secure 2.0 allows to override Strong Customer Authentication if a low risk is assessed and to proceed with a convenient frictionless process which does not require an additional cardholder action. To enable such an analysis, 3D Secure 2.0 protocol enhances the set of transaction data being delivered from merchant to the issuer.

Asseco TriDES2 ACS (Access Control Server) has been certified by EMVCo for 3D Secure 2.1 compliance. Together with the in-group developed InACT® risk scoring solution, Asseco SEE provides a turnkey 3D Secure package to issuing banks who want to provide smooth user experience to their cardholders and also to assure maximal security in online payment.

InACT®  is an already proven risk scoring solution implemented in a variety of enterprise and banking business environments including the PSD2 Enabler package by Asseco SEE. The solution uses statistical calculations and scenarios to detect online payment anomalies in real time. Based on risk score assessed by InACT®, ACS proceeds either with a frictionless transaction flow or will require Strong Customer Authentication to complete an online payment process. Apart from the adaptation to 3D Secure requirements, the risk scoring solution has been optimized for packaging for in-house ACS implementation at the issuing banks as well as for using in Asseco SEE ACS hosting service where multiple issuing institutions are served on the same hosting platform.

Willing to find out more? Go ahead and contact our regional expert at [email protected] to get a free, zero-obligation consultation or try our DEMO to experience 3D Secure in action.

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