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July 12, 2019

Asseco SEE TriDES2 ACS has achieved the Mastercard Identity Check Compliance Letter

We are proud to announce that Asseco SEE has been listed on the Mastercard Identity Check vendor list. By issuing a Letter of Compliance, MasterCard has deemed Asseco SEE TriDES2 Access Controls Server fully compliant with EMVCo 3D Secure 2.1 and the Mastercard Identity Check program. This compliance guarantees not only alignment with technology and security requirements, but also the utilization of best practice in online payment and authentication user experience.

With this achievement, and considering that ACS product has already been approved as VISA 3-D Secure compliant, TriDES2 ACS is a fast track for issuing banks to provide their customers with enhanced 3DS2 fraud protection and user experience during online and mobile payment. In order to lower the potential cost threat due to the MasterCard and VISA liability shift, which relieves merchants from liability for fraud-related costs, issuing banks need to promptly react to support 3D Secure programs.

TriDES2 ACS enables the issuing bank to analyze the risks of each online transaction and to apply a proper security level to increase user experience, confidentiality and security of online payments.

To find out more about new features and improvements, contact our regional expert on [email protected] or download the datasheet.

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