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News 15.03.20.

First Major Upgrade of TriDES2

TriDES ACS v2, aligned with EMVCo 3DS v2.2 will bring better UX, less friction and even faster online payment.

Following EMV 3DS 2.2 mandates, cards scheme requirements, but most importantly, listening to the feedback from online market and end users, Asseco SEE is announcing the first major upgrade of TriDES2: ACS. This upgrade is fully focused on the enhancement of user experience, speeding up online and mobile payment, reducing friction and generating a better conversion rate.  

It is expected to be launched in May 2020 and it will enable issuing banks to deploy additional features which will further improve 3DS flow and user satisfaction:

Merchant white list managed by end-user enables each cardholder to add or remove a preferable and trusted merchant to the white list in order to skip Strong Customer Authentication and buy faster and in a more convenient way.
Add-on for Asseco ACS Risk scoring - risk assessment provided by card schemes can be taken into account in making the final decision about SCA or frictionless flow. Those additional data from trusted sources such as MasterCard and VISA card schemes will additionally improve transaction risk assessment and make issuing banks more confident in granting frictionless transactions.
With enabled decoupled authentication, along with offering additional authentication methods, issuing banks will be able to rely on trusted third parties in authenticating cardholders at the time of purchase.