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How to deliver smooth UX through SCA exemptions

By introducing SCA exemptions, PSD2 did not only relieve issuers and merchants from the fear of soaring cart abandonment rates; it also enabled customers to enjoy a user experience that is truly frictionless and straightforward. Let's see how to achieve the ultimate user experience while making sure your online transactions are secure. PSD2 introducing SCA […]

Merchant Whitelisting within PSD2: An Overview

PSD2 requirement introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as a means of safer online payment authentication. With SCA also came SCA exemptions; scenarios that do not require an additional authentication step, allowing the cardholder to enjoy an entirely frictionless experience. A part of the exemptions is Merchant Whitelisting, a convenient feature included in the 3D Secure […]

8 Common Merchant Mistakes When Tackling Chargebacks

If you're in the position of a merchant, fighting a chargeback dispute might seem like a lost cause. Devoting your time and energy to something that is not likely to yield results is an ungrateful task. We get it. It's frustrating. However, there are ways to come out victorious. In this article, we bring the […]
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