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What is Account Takeover Fraud (ATO), and how to combat it?

Account Takeover Fraud (ATO) is a rising threat in today's online business environment. ATO fraud has been around for decades. Despite losses that are already measured in billions of dollars, ATO fraud is yet to reach its peak. The concerning numbers pointed out in this article prove how important it is to understand what ATO […]

Is SMS OTP PSD2 Compliant?

Even though PSD2 progressively began entering into force between January 13, 2018, and September 14, 2019, there are still different understandings of the regulation in terms of regulatory compliance. One of those topics concerns SMS OTP (one-time-password) and whether it is recognized as an approved authentication method. Is it applicable for online payment verification? If […]

PSD2: An Overview of the Second Payment Services Directive

Although there is a lot of talk about PSD2, we understand that the information contained in the directive can be, and indeed is, overwhelming. To understand the primary motivation behind the PSD2 regulation, we covered key points relevant to you and your business on a single page.  What is PSD2? As stated by the official […]
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