3DS SDK certification

ASEE successfully completed the EMVCo testing and received the EMVCo Letter of Approval for the TriDES2 3D Secure Server mobile SDK for Android and iOS SDK. The TriDES2 Secure mobile SDK facilitates cardholder authentication embedded in a merchant’s mobile application and removes 3DS complexity from mobile application checkout and payment flow.

By certifying 3DS mobile SDK, ASEE completed the full 3D Secure product portfolio for supporting all segments of payment and 3D Secure stakeholders: issuers, acquirers, payment gateway providers, and merchants.

The usage of 3DS Mobile SDK in mobile purchase applications improves user experience checkout in the 3D Secure authentication process. Instead of opening a web browser to proceed with the authentication, all steps are passed within the mobile purchase application, ensuring the same User Interface, along with a smooth flow. Additionally, utilizing 3DS Mobile SDK, more device data can be acquired and shared with the issuing bank. By using such data, the issuing bank is able to provide a more reliable risk scoring for identifying potential fraud and grant more frictionless transactions, which will additionally improve User Experience.

A more detailed overview of 3DS Mobile SDK capabilities are available on our recent blog post - 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK: In-app purchasing never looked so good.

If you want to find out more, contact our ASEE 3D Secure Team at [email protected] or download the datasheet.

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