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ASEE achieved EMV® 3-D Secure certificate for Android and iOS mobile 3DS SDK

ASEE successfully completed the EMVCo testing and received the EMVCo Letter of Approval for the TriDES2 3D Secure Server mobile SDK for Android and iOS SDK. The TriDES2 Secure mobile SDK facilitates cardholder authentication embedded in a merchant’s mobile application and removes 3DS complexity from mobile application checkout and payment flow. By certifying 3DS mobile […]

Data Enrichment: How does it fight fraud and reduce friction?

Data enrichment enables turning raw data into valuable sources of information. Along with providing more context, data enrichment ultimately leads to a more accurate risk assessment. Simply put; if you have more data, your fraud prevention and detection decisions will have a higher confidence rate, leaving less room for errors. What is Data Enrichment? A […]

SDK vs. API: Settling the difference for anyone to understand

SDK and API tend to be confusing terms for non-developers when trying to understand their purpose and concept. Some believe that they need to choose between the two when developing an app, which is wrong. Within this article, you'll get an overview of SDKs and APIs and be able to distinguish when to use one […]
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